Lou Rebecca : Restless

There’s something so very exhilarating about Lou Rebecca’s debut full-length Restless. The Parisian starlet shows a knack for writing melodies both seductive and innocent. Rebecca’s voice hangs in the air like a sweet scent, but underneath the innocent swoon is a voracious artist writing songs about heartache and regret. Singing in both French and English, […]

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Missions : Subcreature

There’s a nocturnal feel to Missions full-length debut album Subcreature. A neon glow the emanates like reflections on seedy city streets when the safety of daylight is its furthest distance from you. Dark electro beats and subtle synth structures make a musical narrative for electronic vocals to slink along with. Missions, aka Los Angeles-based musician […]

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Missions Readies Holodeck Records Debut ‘Subcreature’; Listen To “Truther”

Producer Josh Mills has been honing his music and sonic footprint for years. Bending and shaping a style that could be described as retro-futuristic. Synthesized vocals courtesy of the vocoder, Mills builds sleek, neon-lit musical worlds as Missions. Steely synths, airtight drum programming, and melodic robotic vocals paint a circuital picture that is equal parts […]

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