Holodeck Records Drops GRÜN WASSER’s ‘Not Ok with Things’ October 4th

There’s a darkness to Chicago’s GRÜN WASSER’s sound. The sparse music landscape of their electro-punk music gives it a ghostly vibe. Keely Dowd and producer Essej Pollock take a minimalist approach to their electronic pop music, bringing to mind some of the best of what both Chicago’s Wax Trax and early DFA artists were doing before every kid in the suburbs had Ableton and an arsenal of virtual synths at their disposal. Dowd and Pollock give us pulsating works of minimalist electronic music that hit on hard subjects, but in a way that feels like finding your way out of the dark hole of your own making.

On October 4th, 2019 GRÜN WASSER will drop their latest long player with the mightly Holodeck Records. Not Ok with Things is an infectious minimalist electronic album that sees Keely Dowd looking inward at her own personal struggles while Essej Pollock adds the low end backbone and beating electro heart to these personal tales.

Lead single “Stranger’s Mouth” is a tale of self destruction and Dowd’s own self actualization of what she had been doing to herself. The track is driven by Dowd’s hypnotic vocal delivery and Pollock’s simple but wholly effective production. Buzzing synths and a clicking rhythmic undercurrent carry the track along in a way that begs for repeated listens.

Check out the video for “Stranger’s Mouth”(filmed, directed and edited by Alexander Babbitt) below, and preorder Not Ok with Things here.

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