Mac Demarco : Here Comes The Cowboy

Mac Demarco is the lovable weirdo of indie rock. Since the beginning, which was 2012s Rock and Roll Night Club, Demarco recorded songs that sounded like poorly stored pop songs; tracks on reel-to-reel tapes slowly molding in some nondescript storage unit in Canada. An equal mix of earnest songwriting and underlying seediness. With 2, his […]

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Lou Rebecca Readies Full-Length Debut ‘Restless’; Watch Video For “Break It Apart”

Listening to Lou Rebecca is like channeling some long lost radio dial from the early 80s. From her dizzying debut EP with Holodeck Records back in January of 2018 to what will be her full-length debut with the Austin record label in September of this year, her songs and sound are an infectious mix of […]

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Tame Impala’s “Borderline”

If first single “Patience” wasn’t clue enough, second single “Borderline” is here to solidify Kevin Parker’s move into straight up pop music. I’m still sort of on the fence with that first single, but with “Borderline” I guess I’m kind of signing up for the Kevin Parker experience full-on, to Hell with the consequences. Welcome […]

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Chris Cohen : Self-Titled

Chris Cohen seems to exist in his very own musical space. It’s a space where the Kinks Village Green Preservation Society coalesces with Johnathan Richman’s I, Johnathan and some wistful memory of a summer afternoon long ago. Cohen played with Deerhoof from 2002 to 2006(some say their best years), as well as a bevy of […]

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Mac Demarco’s “Nobody”

Mac Demarco has gone from this strange Canadian that made woozy, lo-fi rock music that could’ve been playing in Henry Lee Lucas’ pick up truck to something different. He’s now playing on my teenage daughter’s iPhone while she’s in the bathroom doing her hair for school. I think Demarco is still kind of strange, but […]

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