The Sword’s Bryan Richie Introduces Galactic Protector; ‘Evening’ Out June 28th

Bryan Richie makes low end thunder and otherworldly noise as bass and keys player in Texas metal titans The Sword. The storytelling and sci-fi/fantasy vibes make The Sword a band you can get lost in. Imagine a Frank Frazetta painting in music form; chromed-out cod pieces, blood-red skies, and the battle cry of warriors taking the fight to the giant dragon that runs on fossil fuel cocktails and human bone marrow. You can insert your very own late night sci-fi b-movie adventure fueled on frozen pizza, a gallon of Hawaiian Punch and questionable weed consumption. The Sword lay down the serious, heady vibes for it.

It appears, though, that in-between soundchecks and what free time Bryan Richie could scrounge up he has been working on some heady vibes on his own. Over the last couple of years Richie has been writing and recording low key, ethereal electronic tracks under the name Galactic Protector. The results of these solitary recording sessions have produced Evening, a 15-track instrumental album of wonky, otherworldly electronic music that is being released by Burning Witches Records on June 28th.

There are two tracks currently floating around in the ether for you to ingest and delight in; the uplifting and buzzing “Galactic Protector” and the gorgeous and mysterious “Liseran Sand”. Both songs have the feeling of late night inspiration and intergalactic pondering. There’s elements of Air, Kid A, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, bits of chillwave and a host of influential 70s German electronic pioneers that I’ll let you figure out for yourself.

But what’s most striking to me is just how unique Richie’s Galactic Protector sounds. Evening as a whole sounds like a homemade patchwork of electronic delights with each song carrying its own mood and individual DNA, while still sounding very much a part of a larger musical narrative. The artwork you’re greeted by(created by the amazingly talented Kearin Cook) absolutely nails the calm and ethereal feel of the album. You step into that album art when you drop the needle on Galactic Protector’s Evening.

Check out “Galactic Protector” and “Liseran Sand” below, and order Evening via Burning Witches Records on June 28th.


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