Lou Rebecca Readies Full-Length Debut ‘Restless’; Watch Video For “Break It Apart”

Listening to Lou Rebecca is like channeling some long lost radio dial from the early 80s. From her dizzying debut EP with Holodeck Records back in January of 2018 to what will be her full-length debut with the Austin record label in September of this year, her songs and sound are an infectious mix of retro pop and modern sonic touches. Rebecca’s vocals are sweet and sublime, while her compositions are bright and brimming with both dance floor motion and wistful melancholy. There’s a bittersweet feel throughout her work.

On September 20, 2019 Lou Rebecca will release her full-length debut with Holodeck Records. Restless is a 10-song collection that has her working with Josh Mills in the studio, as well as Eli Welbourne on the track “More” and Alan Palomo(Neon Indian) on “To Keep You”. First single “Break It Apart” shows Rebecca at her best; propulsive rhythm, 80s-centric synth, and Lou Rebecca’s distinctive vocal delivery. This track moves along on sheer attitude before getting to a chorus full of mystery, instinct, and hard-won melody.

“Break It Apart” is a sure sign Restless will be the album to watch this fall.

Check out the video for “Break It Apart” below(directed, edited, and colored by Rebecca), and preorder Restless here.

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