Lovelock : Burning Feeling

So you only need to browse a bit over on this site to know I’m a bit of a Steve Moore fanboy. Zombi, solo work, score work, and even his series of covers he did as Zombi and Friends over the course of 2020 and 2021 were nothing short of brilliant. It wasn’t until recently […]

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Lou Rebecca Readies Full-Length Debut ‘Restless’; Watch Video For “Break It Apart”

Listening to Lou Rebecca is like channeling some long lost radio dial from the early 80s. From her dizzying debut EP with Holodeck Records back in January of 2018 to what will be her full-length debut with the Austin record label in September of this year, her songs and sound are an infectious mix of […]

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Automelodi Ready New Album ‘Mirages au futur verre​-​brisé ; Listen To “La Poussière”

It’s been six years since Montreal synth-pop duo Automelodi’s last record. That album, the dark and exquisite Surlendemains Acides was a beautifully put-together sonic world of synth-based early 80s electronic in the vein of New Order, Pet Shop Boys, and early OMD. With the vocals of singer and songwriter Xavier Paradis, as well as his […]

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LCD Soundsystem : American Dream

There’s always been something about James Murphy that I’ve been drawn to. Ever since I bought LCD Soundsystem’s Sound Of Silver on a whim back in 2007 I’ve been enamored with the guy. Maybe because he’s close to my age. Maybe because he’s a middle-aged guy acting like a middle-aged guy. He’s not posturing the dude-isms […]

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Jon Kennedy : Ha! EP

Jon Kennedy is a man about the world. He travels the globe leaving scorched dance floors as a DJ extraordinaire, and just for kicks he remixes tunes of all color, shape, and size. He’s a rhythm man at heart, calling home behind a drum set. Basking behind the real thing and as a programmer of […]

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Tame Impala : Currents

Okay, so I’ve listened to Tame Impala’s excellent new album Currents several times now. Like everyday, twice a day, since last Friday. I can say very confidently that it’s a masterpiece. Kevin Parker has finally decided he no longer has to make albums that sound like they’re being performed by a crusty crew of long-haired, […]

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James Murphy Is Playing At My House

Last night I finally watched LCD Soundsystem’s swan song live documentary Shut Up And Play The Hits.  While it didn’t move me quite like I’d hoped it would(an 8 year old punching couch cushions pretending to be a member of the Justice League throughout the film didn’t help…in my living room, not the movie itself), […]

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