Omni Gardens’ “Thinking” Is Absolute Bliss

I’d never really thought much of new age music. I guess my idea of new age is the sound of trickling water, the earth store at the mall, meditating in a salt mine, and guru-looking cats like Yanni or Doug Henning playing one continuous note with purple skies in the background while lost middle-aged souls hum in unison. There’s a waft of 1970s that goes with new age, too. Sort of this olfactory tickle on the nostrils that’s part patchouli, ocean breeze incense, weed, and self-righteous indignation. New age music seemed to encapsule that same crowd of folk that once went to key parties and got drunk on box wine after the kids went to bed that suddenly found God and wanted YOU to find God as well. They were one step from moving into The Arboria Institute and taking a dip into the primordial ooze to “find themselves”.

Of course, these are all self-imposed ideas and assumptions on my narrow-minded part. I’ve come to realize that New Age music had a very specific purpose, which was to help us humans try to unlock that treasure chest in our minds that has been shoved into the back of our very cluttered brain for millions of years. Some deep and dark portion of our subconscious where circuits and wires have been unplugged and unmaintained since we crawled from whatever version one gene pool our tail-wagging, goopy OG-selves came from.

Or at the very least, help us find just a little peace in this crazy modern dilemma we call life.

Steve Rosborough is a Minneapolis native that found his way to California, as a lot of dreamers and forward-thinkers do. He started Moon Glyphs Records in 2009 and began releasing forward-thinking music in the vein of ambient, psych and new age from a plethora of talented artists(including his own project Soothsayer.) It’s a label that specializes in music to drop yourself into and maybe find a deeper meaning regarding it all.

Now, Rosborough is readying his debut release as Omni Gardens. West Coast Escapism will be released on September 28th with Holodeck Records. West Coast Escapism is an all-encompassing musical journey into the heart of what it all means. It’s music to soak your brain into. A self-healing musical brine designed to calm us down from the current state of affairs and maybe take stock of what’s important. Or at the very least, give us a reprieve for just the length of the album.

Lead single “Thinking” is steeped in the heavy hitting and existential drifts of Steve Halpern and maybe even the melodic touches of Vangelis. It carries both a weighted headiness while still retaining a very light touch.

Check out the video below, and preorder the cassette or digital version here.


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