Spring Breaks

So this is the first spring break I’ve taken the entire week off. Where did we go, you ask? Well let’s see, we went to the grocery store, the public library, the record shop, and the…oh, you mean like “Where in Florida did you and your family go?” Well, we didn’t go to the Sunshine State. We stayed right here in the “we can legally discriminate against gays” state. I’m not much for hot temps and skin cancer, given my Eastern European complexion, so we stayed at home. We did head north to the illustrious Hall of Heroes Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. Second spring break in a row we checked that place out. Cool stuff. They even had Captain Americas’ shield. The one used in both movies, with the autographs of everyone in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier and those that are on Marvel: Agents of Shield. Pretty cool. This time my wife went with us and my son didn’t throw up. Both really good things. We stopped at Polito’s Italian Eatery and I had the best Philly Cheese Steak sub I’ve ever had. Good times.

Elsewhere I did a ton of yard work. The yard is ready for summer and mowing thanks to my super human strength and overwhelming stubbornness. I also picked up some vinyl(of course I did.) I’ve also been working on some music. Finishing up some tracks that have needed some finishing touches for some time. My best pal built me my own computer tower that will be used exclusively for music making and mastering. I plan on downloading some software and locking myself in front of the computer until I have a novice understanding of music mastering. You heard it here first, folks.

What else have I been doing this week? Well the wife found out she’ll be traveling quite a bit this spring and summer for work, so that set the wheels in motion as to what and how I’ll do the one parent thing for those times she’ll be gone. It’ll be hard, but we’ll make it work. This will be good for her in the experience and training department. Once we get to summer it’ll be easy peasy. Promise.

Okay, that’s all I got.

Well, maybe I’ve got a little more…

My good friend Joe Storey over at the 1537 website had the honor of hanging out with New York space/psych/groove rockers White Hills yesterday at Islington Mill. They put on a killer show from what I heard and Mr. 1537 even got to hang out and chat with the band a bit. I’d say this elevates Mr. Storey to that of an immortal. He will now be saving nations with his super powers and will most certainly build a fortress on some distant planet where he’ll lift weights, drink protein shakes made from the ground up bones of the Ancients, and will spin vinyl made of adamantium-laced gold.


9 thoughts on “Spring Breaks

  1. Spring break? I’ve seen what you Yankees get up to on spring breaks (usually when the rest of my household is safely tucked up in bed and only for, umm, research purposes only).

    Do I spy ‘Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada’ there? excellent choice sir.

    And thank you for the namecheck – as I may have mentioned please try and treat me as though I were just an ordinary mortal man. I’m not, obviously – try though. I can’t wait for my fortress of solitude – I might finally get some proper blogging done then!

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    1. Oh, so you’ve been watching ‘Deliverance’, have you? An Appalachian spring break you won’t soon forget.

      That indeed is ‘Slow Riot’. It was time for me to own it. Great album.

      I will attempt to think of you as mere mortal, but it will be difficult.

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      1. RFRA – F*King outrageous, I’d not heard of it before J’s comment. That’s really not very 21st century.

        I love Deliverance – not watched it in years and years. I’ve very recently taken up archery so I see myself more as the Burt Reynolds character in it, than the one with the pretty mouth.

        I love Slow Riot, when I first got it I just used to turn off all the lights and play it over and over. Great pick.

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  2. I’d just been reading about Religious Freedom Restoration malarky after seeing Wilco cancelling tour dates. Oh dear.

    However, on the plus side, this Hall of Heroes Museum sounds pretty ace … and it looks like you have some nice records there.

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    1. RFRA is a joke. Blatant legal discrimination. Indiana seems to be slipping backwards in time.

      Hall of Heroes is a cool place. Lots of things to see. It helps to be a comic book fan for sure.

      Yeah I grabbed some nice vinyl over the break. Had to do that.

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      1. I obviously needed to look it up, cause I didn’t get what it meant and I was curious as to why Wilco pulled the visit. Pretty alarming state of affairs for sure.

        Vinyl buying is essential when there’s a break. Else it’s not really a break. That’s fact.

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