Record Store Day Returns

Just like clockwork, April did indeed follow March this year and that means we’re already a quarter the way through 2015. It’s hard to believe. MLK Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Sunday….we hardly knew ye. That means that the one holiday every vinyl guy and gal drools over is quickly approaching: Record Store Day.

Yes, that day where thousands mob their local record stores and fight over crazy exclusive 12″ and 7″ records of their favorite artists will be upon us this Saturday, April 18th. A time where friend is battling friend, stranger is clawing at stranger, all for that elusive bubblegum-pink 7″ of Morrissey covering Patience and Prudence’s “Tonight You Belong To Me”, or that glow-in-the-dark dildo that when powered with a specific alkaline battery plays Glen Danzig covering Bruce Springsteen’s “The Ghost Of Tom Joad”. It’s a day where we throw brotherly love out the window, bring our wallets and pick axes to the local brick ‘n mortar, and go Game Of Thrones on that punk trying to grab the only copy of that Flaming Lips exclusive vinyl pressed with the pubic hair of every Coyne fan that bought Zaireeka. Come hell or high water, that FL will be mine.

Okay, so it’s really not like that at all. In fact, every RSD event I’ve been a part of has been the opposite of that(except for the pick axe thing, but it was totally just for fun.)

My first RSD was actually spent at Wooden Nickel Music, located in Fort Wayne back in 2010. The place was packed as owner Bob Roets hosted a plethora of local talent performing all day, as folks perused the RSD goodies. His wife made chocolate chip cookies for the fine folks that show up and there was plenty of coffee to be had. The kiddos dug the cookies and I dug the bands and the Flaming Lips’ Dark Side Of The Moon covers album. I also picked up an autographed copy of Matthew Sweet’s Blue Sky On Mars album that year. Good times. In 2012 I made the trek to Fort Wayne again, but this time my first stop was to see Mr. Morrison Agen at Neat Neat Neat Records. I got there after 9am so any hard-to-find exclusives were gone, but I did get an Of Montreal/Deerhoof split single which was cool, as well as Deerhunter’s Microcastle and Wooden Shjips’ Vol. II. I also had a great cup of joe and a donut(my youngest daughter enjoyed the donut as well.) On our way out of town we stopped at Wooden Nickel’s Clinton St. location and grabbed the last copy of Flaming Lips’ Heady Fwends album. I was super excited to find that.

For the last two years I’ve exclusively celebrated RSD in my hometown at my local brick ‘n mortar(with the exception of a couple scragglers which I snagged from Morrison in NNN Records and Mr. Steve Martin at Ignition Records in Goshen, IN, as well as Entourage Music in Fort Wayne…okay, so maybe not exclusively.) Karma Records of Warsaw is like the little record store that could. My friend that runs it, John Vance, is a pretty righteous dude that goes above and beyond to get what his customers want. Super nice guy with a tight knit crew of three that work with him, they, like Bob Roets and Morrison Agen, are passionate about music and music lovers. John took over the store a couple of years ago and started with a tiny collection of records and turned it into an impressive array of indie, metal, doom/stoner, punk, hip hop, classic rock, and some amazing used records. I’ve gotten more rare and hard-to-find albums from John than anywhere else(and I’ve shopped around, let me tell you.) Eno, Bowie, King Crimson, Tangerine Dream, the list is long of the cool used stuff John has come across and I gladly took off his hands.

Anyways, I’ll be hitting Karma Records of Warsaw this Saturday at 8am. What do I want this year? Well, this year is kinda thin for me. Built To Spill’s Untethered Moon, Of Montreal’s live record, and Oneohtrix Point Never’s Commisions II. That’s pretty much it. If I can get the Mold Boy record, then that would be cool as well. The wife and I are heading out of town to Indianapolis to see Sufjan Stevens that day as well, so I may stop and see what Luna Music has left. I’ve never been to Luna Music on RSD before. We’ll see how it goes.

So that’s it. Another Record Store Day. Another April. Another day to celebrate the guys and gals that sling vinyl everyday for us to enjoy. The exclusive records are great, but really the day is about showing local pride for the brick and mortars that are out there. Getting together with like-minded freaks and geeking out over music. And coffee and donuts.

Always coffee and donuts. See ya out there.

6 thoughts on “Record Store Day Returns

  1. I’m with you on this, nothing much to tickle me. I’m actually away again – for the third year running! Surely this can’t be a coincidence.

    The only one I really want is the Professor Stephen Hawking covering Monty Python ‘Galaxy Song’.

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  2. The only RSD releases that I’m interested in are the Duke Garwood / Lanegan split and the reissue of Neko Case’s Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. But can’t say I’ll find them here.

    I don’t tend to bother with it all, though. I guess I support my local stores often enough … so RSD is my day off.

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