Vacation Truths, Ghosts Of Dog Dander’s Past, and Rain Drops Keep Falling On My G*#@!*& Head

October 19th, 2022 : 1:15pm As I sit at the dining room table in the lovely Air BnB my wife booked for us months ago, I realize I’ve gone full curmudgeon. Sonos sound system is playing Oneohtrix Point Never throughout the house, giant ribeye steaks sizzle on the grill out in the Michigan sunlight, and […]

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Fall Break

The day has arrived. We’ve been looking forward to this week since we booked the Air BnB months ago. Vacation week is here and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It was a year ago that I found out the plant I work in would be closed for good by July 2024. The place I’d worked […]

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Cleveland Rock City

My grandpa Hubner died in November of 1986, just a month before my 13th birthday. He was 75. E.A. Hubner was a pretty great grandpa, despite not really seeing him a whole lot. Elwood and Dorothy Jean(grandma Hubner) would come over occasionally on sunny Sundays to visit and drop off dime store fireworks or those […]

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Please Stand By

This week is the annual family trip down south to Brown County, Indiana. I guess technically it’s not an annual trip as last year we went to Canada, and the year before that I’m not sure we went anywhere. So, the last time we were in Brown County was three summers ago. We got a […]

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Hi. How Are You?

I can honestly say in my 46 years on this planet I’ve not experienced anything quite like this Coronavirus pandemic. I mean, it’s not like living in some war-torn part of the world. And I’m not worried about mortars dropping in my front yard, or guerilla soldiers coming to my door forcing me to pledge […]

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Summertime Blues

Man, this has been a weird summer. This is the first summer where it didn’t feel like a house with kids and two working parents. It’s felt like a house with adults and almost-adults doing adult things; like working, getting wisdom teeth removed, arguing, bickering, buying new appliances to replace broken ones, looking for a […]

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Creature Comforts

It’s amazing how things really come into perspective when your pretty simple existence is thrown into a frenzied uproar. The simplest and quietest moments are magnified in the millions when you don’t even have a place to rest your tired body in your own home after a day of work. We all fall prey to […]

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