MAINE’s ‘IV’ Gets Gorgeous Vinyl Reissue With Midnight Mannequin Records

My first experience with MAINE, the all-analog electronic music project of France’s Michel Dupay, was with 2017s V. There was something haunting, enchanting, and all-encompassing about the songs on that record. Dupay records with all analog synths, real drums, and real strings and without the use of MIDI, so the songs sound and feel organic […]

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Edena Gardens : Edena Gardens

As far as supergroups go, Edena Gardens is about as super as it gets. The latest project to emerge from the great El Paraiso Records out of Denmark consists of multi-instrumentalist Martin Rude, Papir guitarist Nicklas Sørensen, and Causa Sui drummer Jakob Skøtt. The music that emerged from the trio’s long form improvisations is dark, […]

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Panic Priest : Psychogoria

“death, sex, and doomed romance”. These are three main themes that run through the evocative, dark wave music made by Jack Armondo, aka Panic Priest. His rich tenor cuts through the mix of guitars, drums, and synths like a hot blade through flesh. There’s a pop eloquence in his vocals that bring the otherwise Gothic […]

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Fall Break

The day has arrived. We’ve been looking forward to this week since we booked the Air BnB months ago. Vacation week is here and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It was a year ago that I found out the plant I work in would be closed for good by July 2024. The place I’d worked […]

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