Wojciech Golczewski : Inert

Polish film score composer Wojciech Golczewski has made a reputation for himself as a director’s secret weapon. His scores add a depth and emotional component to the films he works on, building sonic worlds with analog sound that bring you into that cinematic landscape organically. Beyond The Gates, Tonight She Comes, We Are Still Here, […]

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Birthday Boi

Today I turn 48 years old. Two years away from 50. Getting older has never really bothered me. I’ve always felt like an old person in a young person’s body anyways. Not in a Freaky Friday, Vice Versa, Like Father Like Son sort of way, but more in the Benjamin Buttons sort of way. But […]

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Mastodon : Hushed and Grim

In the early 2000s there was a new, exciting voice in the heavy metal scene with Atlanta’s Mastodon. They made heavy metal music that morphed together thrash, sludge, and death metal into an almost progressive metal jumbo. They appealed to those that wanted their metal hard, fast, technical, and also smart. In fact, the band’s […]

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UNE : Spomenik

The latest release from Spun Out Of Control is from the electronic duo UNE. UNE is Mark Radcliffe & Paul S. Langley, Radcliffe a broadcaster and Langley an electronic musician. They have made three albums together, with their latest, Spomenik, being their debut with SOOC. With their latest release, Radcliffe and Langley go largely instrumental […]

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Sex Magick Wizards : Your Bliss My Joy

I first heard Norway’s Sex Magick Wizards back in the spring of 2019 when guitarist Viktor Bomstad reached out to me asking if I’d check out his band’s album Eroto Comotose Lucidity. Improvisational, psychededlic, heady, free-form, and progressive were words that came to mind when I first heard these cats. Jazzy grooves, saxophone freakouts with […]

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Deafheaven : Infinite Granite

Ever since their debut album Roads To Judah, Deafheaven have been on a steady incline. Each record outdid the previous in scope, musicality, and artistic depth. Their sound was loud, abrasive, and aggressive, but also extremely melodic and at times melancholy. “Blackgaze” , combining black metal and shoegaze, may be a trite tag but it […]

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The Psychic Circle Returns With ‘Seven Colours Of The Psychic Circle’, Out September 3rd; Listen To “Colore Della Morte”

Library of the Occult returns to the fold of forward-thinking psychedelic/horror/giallo music on September 3rd with the latest from The Psychic Circle called Seven Colours Of The Psychic Circle. Tom McDowell’s side/band project dives into Argento/Bava/Fulci territory with a 7-track LP that locks tight(like a gloved hand around a throat) into both Giallo sensibility while […]

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Rupert Lally : Timelapses

Composer Rupert Lally is no stranger to musical exploration. His work emanates depth and light, towing the line between film score meticulousness and deep dives into electronic bliss. The Swiss by way of UK composer and musician makes musical works that ask for your attention, but can still be a gorgeous soundtrack to reading in […]

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