In My Room

More than wealth, success, and a general sense of being important in some capacity, growing up the only thing I ever truly desired was a place to call my own. More important than going out with friends or going to the mall was having a space in this world that I felt safe. A corner […]

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Spring Breaks

So this is the first spring break I’ve taken the entire week off. Where did we go, you ask? Well let’s see, we went to the grocery store, the public library, the record shop, and the…oh, you mean like “Where in Florida did you and your family go?” Well, we didn’t go to the Sunshine […]

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Sunday Random Nonsense

Not much to report. Just wanted to share a couple things. One of the comics my son and I found was a Dr. Who comic from 1981. It’s Dr. Who Vol. 1 No. 58 February 1981 to be exact. I’s not worth anything, it’s just something we thought was pretty interesting. My oldest daughter is […]

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