Friday In The Land of Plenty

DSC04675No vegemite sandwiches tonight. Just some New Belgium Trippel and some Boards of Canada.

So, how’s everybody’s week been? I have to say that this week was a hell of a week. Every night I’ve come home I’ve felt beaten up. Work was crazy, so Friday is a welcomed thing for me. It always is, but especially this week. It’s a good thing I have plenty of new music to ease me out of the 9 to 5 hustle.

I’m still reeling from Record Store Day and the great albums I was able to get. Last weekend the wife and I headed over to Fort Wayne and I grabbed the LCD Soundsystem box set. It’s the unabridged 5LP box set of their entire Madison Square Garden final gig. Let me just say that James Murphy did an amazing job mixing it. It is probably one of the most stunning sounding records I now own. It’s 3+ hours of music is something to behold. I thank my lovely wife for allowing me to indulge in something so pricey. But really, for the green they wanted for this set it was a damn good deal. Then on Monday I went to my local brick n’ mortar and picked up two more aural nuggets.

First was the Of Montreal RSD release, their reissue of Satanic Panic In The Attic on double blue and yellow vinyl. A band I’ve loved ever since buying Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer in 2007. A great album filled with Kevin Barnes doing his version of acid-tinged bubble gum dance pop. Album one is the original release, while album two is seven tracks recorded at the same time the original record was recorded but were never used. A great addition to my Of Monteal collection, which includes three of their later albums(I’m one of just a couple people that LOVED Paralytic Stalks.)

And last but not least Causa Sui’s Summer Sessions finally came in after being backordered. If you’re not familiar with Causa Sui and you love psych rock, Can, and Bitches Brew-era Miles then you need to get familiar with them. A four-piece out of Denmark these guys are the real deal. Summer Sessions consists of three LPs filled with some amazing, introspective jams. They find a groove in “Visions Of Summer” and don’t let it go for nearly 21 minutes. One whole album side. It’s something to get lost in. All three albums are very distinctive, but you know who you’re hearing from the get go. I have their Live At Freak Valley waiting for me as well. I’ll get that tomorrow hopefully.

So yes it’s been a rough week work-wise, but thanks to the power of music, vinyl, New Belgium Brewing Company, and my cool dog Otto, I’m gonna get through it just fine.

Happy Friday.


3 thoughts on “Friday In The Land of Plenty

  1. Tired, tired, tired – you’ve described my week too. I’m trying to write a masterful subtly nuanced review of an LP, whilst my brain isn’t really firing properly and it just ain’t working out – time to admit defeat and knock it on the head for tonight I think.

    We’ve got a long weekend coming up and a Monday off will be very welcome – I can hear the mountains calling me; which is no mean feat as I’m blasting the Wilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey album too; primitive R&B rarely sounded so good!


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