LCD Soundsystem : Electric Lady Sessions

There’s two different versions of LCD Soundsystem. There’s the studio version, which is James Murphy going into a studio and working out his middle-aged anxiety with a bevy of instrumentation. That version has given us disco/punk/David Bowie-worshipping records like Sound of Silver, This Is Happening, and the post-retirement record American Dream. Then there’s the other […]

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LCD Soundsystem : American Dream

There’s always been something about James Murphy that I’ve been drawn to. Ever since I bought LCD Soundsystem’s Sound Of Silver on a whim back in 2007 I’ve been enamored with the guy. Maybe because he’s close to my age. Maybe because he’s a middle-aged guy acting like a middle-aged guy. He’s not posturing the dude-isms […]

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Friday In The Land of Plenty

No vegemite sandwiches tonight. Just some New Belgium Trippel and some Boards of Canada. So, how’s everybody’s week been? I have to say that this week was a hell of a week. Every night I’ve come home I’ve felt beaten up. Work was crazy, so Friday is a welcomed thing for me. It always is, […]

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New Music, New Brew…Friday Night!

After an extremely long week Friday evening feels pretty damn good.  Groceries are bought and put away and there is beer in the freezer becoming extremely cold.  One of the local liquor stores has recently improved their craft beer selection tremendously.  I was overwhelmed at all the different varieties.  I think I started going into […]

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James Murphy Is Playing At My House

Last night I finally watched LCD Soundsystem’s swan song live documentary Shut Up And Play The Hits.  While it didn’t move me quite like I’d hoped it would(an 8 year old punching couch cushions pretending to be a member of the Justice League throughout the film didn’t help…in my living room, not the movie itself), […]

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