Odense Vibes : 11 Years Of El Paraiso Records Part III(Causa Sui Edition)

At the heart of El Paraiso Records is the band Causa Sui. The four-piece rock band from Denmark made up of Jonas Munk(guitar), Rasmus Rasmussen(keys), Jess Kahr(bass), and Jakob Sk√łtt(drums). The label was the band’s home base, where they could release albums whenever they wanted and could explore any sonic avenues they wanted to. From […]

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Causa Sui : Szabodelico

The world has been upside down and topsy turvy since the beginning of 2020. Health crisis, political turmoil, racial and civil unrest in city streets, and common sense being replaced by clickbait and conspiracy theories, the world seems to be in one hell of a sorry state. The one constant light throughout this year for […]

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Causa Sui : Vibraciones Doradas

When I think of Denmark’s Causa Sui I think of vast open spaces. I think of widescreen grooves and vacuum tubes a-glow with the orange of humming fuzz. This four-piece have made it their mission to not be pigeonholed by any one genre or mindset. They explore the dark corners of Sabbath-ian dirges to the […]

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I’m looking down the barrel of a 3-day weekend. What better way to celebrate that than partaking in a couple libations? Founders’ ‘Backwoods Bastard’ was my first delight. 11.2% of barrel-aged loveliness. It’s sweet, syrup-y, and just enough kick on the low end to let you know you’re not drinking something mass-produced. I’m currently enjoying […]

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Causa Sui : Live In Copenhagen

So one day last week I arrived home from work to see a cardboard box waiting for me on the front porch. When I went to pick it up I thought at first that someone had sent me a set of Encyclopedia Britannicas from Denmark as this thing was heavy. Like, really heavy. After further […]

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