Everything You Do Is A Balloon

Sometimes, when I’m feeling a little run down, pushed around, and generally beaten up by life I turn to Boards of Canada for a little pick me up. I haven’t quite put my finger on what it is about these Scottish brothers’ brand of electronic music that connects with me, and to be honest I […]

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No One Will Ever Love You

A couple of months ago I came across this great 12″ split by Antoni Maoivvi and a project called Slasher Film Festival Strategy. My friend John at Karma Records of Warsaw told me on Black Friday that he had this split arriving in the afternoon and that he thought I’d really dig it. I had […]

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constants are changing

As I walked outside this morning to leave for work in the black of 5:40am Eastern time I was greeted by something quite wonderful: cool air. Yes, as the garage door lifted for me to walk around and get in my car there was, dare I say, a briskness in the air. Coming from merely […]

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Friday In The Land of Plenty

No vegemite sandwiches tonight. Just some New Belgium Trippel and some Boards of Canada. So, how’s everybody’s week been? I have to say that this week was a hell of a week. Every night I’ve come home I’ve felt beaten up. Work was crazy, so Friday is a welcomed thing for me. It always is, […]

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This is my jam tonight. Lights down low, Christmas lights blazing in the corner of the room to give the proceedings a ethereal vibe. My wife and oldest daughter headed to the big city to do some clothes shopping while my younger two and myself stayed home. My 10 year old daughter has a head/chest […]

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