Of Montreal : UR FUN

There’s a sort of giddy insanity that comes along with musical world of Kevin Barnes’ Of Montreal. From the beginning in the twee 60s pop rock of Cherry Peel to the emotional complexities on Hissing Fauna, You’re The Destroyer to the sexual awakenings of Skeletal Lamping, Barnes has used Of Montreal as both a rock […]

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Of Montreal : Innocence Reaches

Kevin Barnes has played many roles in his nearly 20 year music career. There was the folksy pop guy, the jilted lover, the struggling husband and father, the party monster, the transvestite hooker, the avante garde composer, and the rock and roll warrior. But the role Barnes plays best is Kevin Barnes. The guy that’s […]

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of Montreal : Aureate Gloom

Kevin Barnes has made a livelihood out of playing dress up on of Montreal albums; from a peace and love paisley troubadour, to a pop-centric studio loner, to a manic depressant, anxiety-ridden groove maker, to a transvestite hooker. Barnes has taken character-driven songwriting to new heights. The thing is, I think each “character” Barnes has […]

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Labor Daze: Part Deux

So despite my bemoaning of the corporate tax laws on my “gifted” day off by my employer, I did have a pretty decent three-day weekend. Friday all of the kids were off doing their own things so the wife and I got to hang out, eat pizza, spin records, and drink. I enjoyed a New […]

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