Brown Calvin : Dimensions // Perspectives

Portland, Oregon’s Andre Burgos, aka Brown Calvin, has dropped an ethereal and all-encompassing new album called dimensions // perspectives. It’s a spiritual, jazz-heavy album that walks the line between the heady world of late 60s and early 70s jazz/fusion of Miles and Herbie to the more esoteric sounds of Flying Lotus and Massive Attack. Experimental at times while also soulful and introspective, Brown Calvin lays the vibes on heavy with dimensions // perspectives.

This is a cosmic musical experience. 10 tracks of journeyman electronic and cosmic jazz that fill your head with kinetic rhythms and otherworldly melodies. According to Burgos, “This album was created as a broken society collapsed as I transitioned into fatherhood. i was angry but also hungry for resolution. sanctuary. peace. rest. new ideas, approaches. such a sudden shift. perspectives can vary slightly or greatly but no two are shared. we exist in our own concentric dimensions. we share love, music.”

You can hear, while not confusion, a searching quality in the bass-heavy rhythms, ethereal electronics, and electric piano. The mysterious flow and almost acid jazz vibe of 17-minute opener “Dimension” has the quality of floating through the cosmos on ideas and the hunger to find new meaning in a world that sometimes feels meaningless. There’s joy in the search. Burgos makes this futurist jazz sound that Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus, also works in. Where Fly Lo can be a touch busy and chaotic, Brown Calvin takes his time getting there.

The remaining tracks as the “perspectives” in the title keep the flow moving, with a smoother vibe. There’s a late night feel to these songs. The sound of late night recording with headphones on and just flowing in the zone. The Hancock trilogy of Mwandishi, Crossings, and Sextant live in these wavering, ethereal, and slightly psychedelic jams. Tinkling electric piano intermingle with groovy low key funk and an almost hallucinogenic sound. A little discombobulating, but in the best way possible.

Brown Calvin’s dimensions // perspectives is a lovely deep dive into ethereal jazz and spiritual tomes. A meditative record for finding new meaning and purpose when it seems the world is lacking in it. A sonic love letter to the musical explorer and the spiritual searcher.

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