McCoy Tyner : 1938-2020

The first jazz album that really re-wired my brain was McCoy Tyner’s The Real McCoy. I’d been listening to jazz here and there over the years, but it wasn’t till 2008 when I bought my turntable that I’d made a concerted effort to really dive deep into records by Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy, Thelonious Monk […]

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Ross McHenry : Nothing Remains Unchanged

There’s an unwavering complexity and intellectual depth to the new long player by Ross McHenry. The accomplished Australian jazz bassist, composer, producer, and bandleader has been making truly forward-thinking music in the jazz, electronic, and chamber music realm for a few years now. Each record sees McHenry reaching and expanding his music and sonic palate […]

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Mythic Sunship : Changing Shapes

A true sign of a psych band worth their weight in hallucinogenics is their set at Roadburn. Many bands have stepped on the stage in Tilburg, Netherlands, and when they do they need to bring it. They need to bring it all and leave nothing but scorched earth, sizzled amplifiers, and melted faces in the […]

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Opening Your Brain

I can feel a bit of a sea change happening with me, musically speaking. I’m feeling myself looking and searching for new sounds to feed my head. I’m starting to get numb to the “usual stuff”: electronic, synth, Krautrock, ambient. Those vibes I’ve been feeding my brain for the past few years. It’s this steady […]

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Joel Ross : Kingmaker

I find it hard to find “new” jazz artists. Not because there aren’t any worthy of my time and ears, but because I just don’t know where to look. When you have such a vast and expansive search pile as the history of Blue Note, Impulse, and Prestige Records over the last 70 years, getting […]

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