Eric, Ron, and Me

Back in the mid-2000s there was a guy that started working at our facility named Ron. Now Ron was quite the character; shorter, boisterous, and always up for a good laugh. Ron was from Chicago originally and my guess back then was that he was in his mid-50s. He was African American and would often […]

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“Creating an even freer music” : Mythic Sunship Talk Epic New Record And Expanding Their Horizons

Feature Photo by Ksenija Lu Mythic Sunship are four guys that like to paint their music with very broad, but definitive strokes. These four Danish dudes go into a record with a skeleton of an idea and once the record button is punched they cover that skeleton with flesh and blood. They create the concept that […]

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Monk at 100

Not that the man is celebrating given that he’s been on the other side now for over 37 years. But if Thelonious Monk was still among the living he’d be celebrating a century on this earth. Even though he only lived to be 64-years old, the man blazed a musical trail of legends. His work […]

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Ode To Karin Krog

Man, the air seemed brand new today; sharp, cool, and crisp going into the lungs. It was like walking out of an underground bunker from a four-month stay and having the first blast of air hitting you. I don’t know why I don’t usually notice the air that surrounds me normally, but today it hit […]

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F*&#$!g Epic

So I’ve been nibbling here and there on Kamasi Washington’s The Epic for close to a year now. It’s one of those albums that I think you have to take in a little at a time, otherwise you’ll get that heavy musical bloat and maybe not go back to it for fear of feeling uneasy […]

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