Dive Into The Deep End With London Odense Ensemble and “Jaiyede Suite, Pt. 2”; Album Out in June

It seems that there’s a new ensemble in town, London Odense Ensemble. Comprised of El Paraiso Records luminaries Jonas Munk, Jakob Skøtt, and Martin Rude, along with London-based jazz artists Tamar Osborn and Al MacSween, London Odense Ensemble came together for some seriously heady jams and it seems they’ve got an album’s worth of early 70s-style funk, fusion, and freak outs for the whole world to trip to.

El Paraiso Records will be putting that full-length out into the world next month, but in the mean time you can get your Friday acid jazz fix right here with the excellent and groovy “Jaiyede Suite, Pt. 2”.

El Paraiso Records is all about the ensemble, kids. Chicago Odense Ensemble, Ellis Munk Ensemble, and now London Odense Ensemble. There’s something quite magical about the ensemble. Like-minded artists coming together with ideas and aspirations; creative vibes from different points of views melding together in a room with artists setting musical fires and seeing what happens when those flames form some kind of fantastical trip.

London Odense Ensemble brings together the worlds of jazz, psych, improvisation, and rock. With the Coltrane-meets-Dolphy sax and flute interplay, the wobbly interdimensional keys, muscular drum strutting, solid bass, and fluid guitar lines “Jaiyede Suite, Pt. 2” plays out like Mwandishi-era Herbie, electric Miles, and a Lalo Schifrin score, ala Dirty Harry or Enter The Dragon. The wah-wah guitar, in-the-pocket drum groove, low end bass line, and the dreamier aspects of the horns and electronics gives this track all the interstellar power it needs to transport us back to early 70s New York with some change in our pocket and a groove to carry us thru to the other side.

Set your Friday on fire and check out “Jaiyede Suite, Pt. 2” below. Keep up with El Paraiso Records to find out when preorders go up for London Odense Ensemble’s debut release.

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