The Budos Band : Long In The Tooth

When I first heard The Budos Band I thought I’d come across some long lost relic from the 70s. Super tight and funky rhythm section, jazz-inflected horns, Latin percussion, and slinky guitar all coming together to give the impression that James Bond could’ve been a lot cooler had he been spying to this soundtrack. Imagine […]

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White Denim : Side Effects

White Denim have become this twister of sound from the Lone Star state. They break bread with blues, rock, soul, funk, and madness. From album one back in 2009 to now their sound has morphed and evolved, much like the creature in The Thing.¬†You remember, it could take the shape of whomever it came into […]

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White Denim : Performance

White Denim seem like a band that’s been trying to find themselves since the very beginning. The Austin four-piece have traversed in several musical styles, including psych rock, fusion, jazz, blues, soul, and even a bit of country pickin’, too(they are southern boys, after all.) Some of their earlier albums felt as if they were […]

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Ty Segall : Freedom’s Goblin

Ty Segall is not the type of guy to sit on his laurels. He doesn’t put out an album and then sit, lay back and just coast on good reviews for awhile. It seems that usually by the time he puts a record out he’s already onto the next record, project, music obsession, etc. For […]

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Bulletproof Love

Listen up, fools. There’s a new badass in town. His name is Luke Cage. Yeah, if you’re up to no good Cage has got your number, you dig? So don’t be gettin’ up to nasty shenanigans, you hear? Don’t be grabbin’ purses or snatchin’ wallets….don’t be pushin’ that smack or knockin’ up those shops down […]

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Jack Johnson Sessions

Still enjoying this newfound freedom I’ve discovered in this massive 25-disc Pioneer CD changer, I thought I’d break out one of my favorite CD Box sets, Miles Davis’ The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions. Back during Christmas of 2011 I’d started getting pretty heavy into Miles. I’d bought Bitches Brew, In A Silent Way, and Nefertiti […]

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