Complex Distractions Presents : Favorite Albums Of 2020(Part One)

Boy, I never thought the end of 2020 would get here. It seemed like five years rolled into one. Between Covid-19, isolation, quarantining, everything being closed, no concerts, weird work situations, family all home for at-home schooling, and a summer that felt like an extension of spring. Of course there was the election, anti-maskers, conspiracy […]

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Causa Sui : Szabodelico

The world has been upside down and topsy turvy since the beginning of 2020. Health crisis, political turmoil, racial and civil unrest in city streets, and common sense being replaced by clickbait and conspiracy theories, the world seems to be in one hell of a sorry state. The one constant light throughout this year for […]

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El Paraiso Records’ Wild Ride

I’ve been following the Danish record label El Paraiso Records for close to seven years now. Ever since a friend hipped me to a band called Causa Sui and their album Euporie Tide. From the moment I hit play on that stunning album I’ve gladly followed both the band and the label down their very […]

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Justin Pinkerton : Aak’ab

There’s a warm, comforting world that lives in Justin Pinkerton’s newest release Aak’ab. The modular sound here feels like a circuital blanket to warm us in these troubling times. When things seem so hopeless and we in turn feel helpless, the synth-based tracks that make up this record are a temporary reprieve from the madness […]

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