Videodrones Return With New Single “Scorpio”; New Album Out In Late April

The Danish heady synth duo Videodrones, which consists of Jakob Skott(Causa Sui, Syntaks, Rude Skott Osborn Trio) and modular synth wizard Kristoffer Ovesen(owner/operator of Interzone Tapes), have been making dark, experimental synth records since 2016. Mondo Ferox(2016) and Nattens Hævn(2017) locked into seedy VHS vibes, capturing the world of Fabio Frizzi, Walter Rizzati and Popol Vuh with the duo’s own definitive lean.

Then in 2019 Skott and Ovesen dropped Atavistic Future, a bit of a departure for Videodrones. The hazy late night vibes were replaced with more Berlin School/Komische touches, bringing to mind Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Though despite the shift in tone it still remaines very much a Videodrones production.

Three years later and two years into a worldwide pandemic Videodrones emerge from the studio with a brand new single called “Scorpio”. Skott and Ovesen once again have evolved their grainy modular synth freakouts and seedy sonic intentions into something new and engaging, taking their wobbly VHS nightmares into the light for some long, overdue Vitamin D.

The first thing you notice about “Scorpio” is the lighter mood with bubbling synth notes that have a buoyancy to them. The dark vibes and heady Berlin School excursions have a sunnier disposition this time. And now there are shimmering guitar lines, as well as Skott’s excellent Tony Williams meets Keith Moon drum pyrotechnics thrown into the proceedings. Over the course of its 6-minute runtime “Scorpio” feels contemplative, ascending into the clouds as the metaphorical sunlight shines through.

Honestly, a stunning and brilliant mixture of 70s electronic and 90s post-rock pondering. A new direction for Videodrones, one that feels invigorated, wide-eyed, and engaging.

Listen to “Scorpio” below. Preorder will be up in April via El Paraiso Records, with the album release coming at the end of April.

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