Polypores : Gargantuan

Stephen J Buckley rides on modular waves. His modular synth improvisations as Polypores start out chaotic but find a center; a kinetic heart that beats messages from beyond. Just dive into albums like Chaos Blooms or Shpongos for proof of the circuital wizardry he’s capable of. The chaos reveals something far deeper than just random […]

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Polypores : Shpongos

There’s something quite majestic and magical about Polypores’ latest release Shpongos. For his last few releases within the modular synth world, Stephen James Buckley has been deep diving into not only the mechanics of the modular synth, but the mechanics of humanity and the world within which humanity ebbs and flows. Using this machine as […]

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Polypores Readies ‘Shpongos’, Out 4/26; Listen To “Everything Connected At Once”

The modular synth world of Polypores is quite the magical place. Stephen James Buckley approaches music as more than just melodies and electronic music. With each album he sees these songs as a means to connect on both a melodic and visceral level. Man and machine working together, with every buzzing circuit and blip of […]

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“Connection With The Machine” : The Wired World of Polypores’ Stephen James Buckley

Stephen James Buckley, aka Polypores, makes electronic music that sits just on the cusp of chaos. He builds synthetic worlds and narratives with the modular synth, an unpredictable machine that while it may never be tamed completely it can be controlled just enough to blow open minds. The unpredictability and exploratory nature of the instrument […]

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Polypores : Chaos Blooms

Hitting play on a Polypores album is like opening a door and you find yourself staring into a black hole. Or an alternate dimension where reality is rewriting itself in front of your eyes. The modular synth world of Stephen James Buckley is this magnificent madness in circuital form. Sounds emanating from patch cords, envelope […]

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Isvisible/Isinvisible : Moon-White Water

On Moon-White Water, Simon Pott’s fifth LP under the name Isvisible/Isinvisible, he seems to find that perfect balance between man and machine. Working once again like a sonic wizard with modular synths, vintage effects, and no overdubs, Pott builds buzzing worlds on Moon-White Water. Despite the improvisational and free-form nature of his work, Isvisible/Isinvisible’s sound […]

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