Shortwave Broadcaster : In Flow

Keith Canisius’ musical word as Shortwave Broadcaster is an all-encompassing one. With a guitar and a Eurorack he builds these towering sonic landscapes that paint monolithic sounds, both tempered in darkness and light. He captures the vibe of classic Komische artists like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and also early Windham Hill albums. New age, ambient, and even shoegaze/dream pop elements all collide on Shortwave Broadcaster records.

On his latest, In Flow, the mood is very much ethereal and bathed in light. Any darker tendencies have been extinguished in Canisius’ sonic radiance here. Six tracks to zone out to as August comes roaring past, bringing us closer to fall. A heavy dose of sonic bliss to go with some sun, some sand, and some existential pondering.

In Flow works like one long, peaceful sway in the breeze. The songs rise and dissipate into each other, continuing that electronic whisper throughout. Bands like Auburn Lull, Billow Observatory, and Night Flights work in this sonic palate as well, with Canisius taking Shortwave Broadcaster into almost post-rock territory.

“Inside”, “Cool Down”, and title track “In Flow” all feel more like movements rather than songs. In Flow as a whole works as an almost concept album. It’s like a meditation on losing yourself in a summer day. Something like “Release The Pressure” could be the sound of stepping into the ocean to wash the sand off, rocking in the waves wake. Tracks “Paradise” and “New World” are a drop into absolute physical and spiritual contentment. They’re the place where thoughts are scattered to the wind, opening your mind to whatever the universe has to offer.

In Flow is yet another hazy, lucid series of soundscapes from Shortwave Broadcaster. This may be Keith Canisius’ most sanguine album yet. A delicate pocket of sonic bliss.

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