Shortwave Broadcaster Returns With ‘In Flow’, Out 7/16; Listen To Hazy Title Track

Keith Canisius is no stranger to ethereal electronic music. He’s released music with Rumskib, Astral TV, and under his own name. All of these projects mix elements of shoegaze, dream pop, Berlin School, and heavy synth, with Astral TV deep diving the most into the German experimental electronic movement of the early 70s. With Rasmus Rasmussen, Canisius has released two forward-thinking synth/guitar albums that stand as some of the best electronic music I’ve heard in the last several years.

Last year Canisius started a new project called Shortwave Broadcaster. With his guitar and a Eurorack Keith Canisius began releasing these dense and heady albums filled with patchworks of sound. Songs that ranged from the ethereal to the airy to even dark swaths of noise. Both experimental and improvisational, these atmospheric records relied on unexpected sonic turns and the unknown in order to create.

With four albums in a little less than a year, Canisius returns for a fifth time as Shortwave Broadcaster. On 7/16 In Flow will drop. In Flow continues the Eurorack improvisations with a chilled out vibe in tow. Gorgeous swaths of ambient music that calm and give the feeling of a breeze coming off the waters as you gaze from the beach.

Title track “In Flow” might be the most serene track Shortwave Broadcaster has created yet. Chiming notes and ethereal tones emanate from Canisius’ wall of sound; a feeling of sunbeams pressing down on your face as the day melts into your peripheral. It’s over 11 minutes of pure sonic bliss that will beg for repeat listens. Sound for deep contemplation or to just melt into the horizon with.

Keith Canisius has seemed to have mastered the Eurorack and it’s many sonic wonders, but I know that there’s really no mastering that box of circuital magic. Each time out with it you tend to discover something new. But as an improviser and wrangler of ethereal tones, Canisius has become more adept at honing and understanding these messages from the ether. He interprets them and shapes them into these amazing albums for us to get lost in.

In Flow’ will be released on 7/16. Listen to the title track below.

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