Bagaski : Final

I’ve found this strange and beautiful little album called Final from the artist Bagaski. It’s out today on See Blue Audio and if you’re a fan of lo-fi electronic music I think you might just love it.

The Berlin-based electronic musician seems to dabble in all kinds of circuital noise. According the See Blue Audio, “The artist was born and grew up on the Greek island of Crete before spending time in London, Rotterdam, Greece again and now Berlin, where he has been living since 2017. The city’s reputation for creative freedom clearly suits his sonic explorations, which often begin life as audio recorded on his mobile phone or sound recorder, or samples taken from videos and other sources. Synthesizer improvisation combined with both modular and software production techniques completes their evolution.”

Bagaski seems to be an artist of his surroundings, and taking in so many places and vibes seems to have been a huge influence and inspiration. Final feels like the world interpreted through melancholy machines and hazy dreams.

“Spring Prayer” is the opening hymn to the world of Final. Bagaski creates bell-like tones that feel like stepping into a beautiful but mysterious world. It’s a song with mystery and open potential. We then head into “Daze” which is a completely different vibe altogether. It has the lo-fi vibe of vaporwave mixed with almost an 80s horror score. It’s like Chuck Person’s Eccojams Vol. 1, but if it were in an 80s horror film. It’s intriguing and kind of disconcerting. “A Precis III” continues that sort of hazy interlude vibe, bringing to mind Daniel Lopatin’s early days as a Williamsburg stoner synth head.

Bagaski hits all kinds of moods and textural tones on Final, which makes it a dizzying and intriguing listen throughout. You could call it ambient, but it’s far more interesting than just your run-of-the-mill ambient album. “Lydian Sequence and Filtered Noise” could have been a typical soundscape, but Bagaski gives it touches of Gothic mood with organ-like sound within the static backdrop. Album closer “Heartful VI” ends the album in a kind of sweeping chorale of sci-fi noise and ethereal electro psychedelia. It’s engaging on so many levels, whether you’re chemically enhanced or just naturally locked into this dizzying world.

Bagaski’s Final was a surprise. I walked into it not knowing what to expect and found myself moved by what I heard. Lo-fi in sound, but hi-fi in scope and emotional heft, this slice of outsider psychedelic electronic will appeal to those wanting more than dance beats and arpeggiated synth riffs. This is an album for the deep diver, and those that appreciate bedroom melancholy symphonies.

8.2 out of 10

Final’ is available now via See Blue Audio. Buy it here.

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