Jan Borré Performs ‘Grayson’ Live

So in case you didn’t have any Friday plans, I’ve got a couple options for you. First, you can just go home after work, throw a Red Baron in the oven, drop a couple PBRs in the freezer so they get nice and cold, and then plop on that rickety La-Z-Boy and watch whatever pointless garbage you typically feed into your brain.

Or, you could do the frozen pizza and 16oz oat sodas, but instead of that mindless parade of entertainment you deep dive into some serious livestream music. Doesn’t that sound fun? It should.

First there’s my friend Nate Utesch and Metavari performing Absurda live. I spoke about this earlier in the week. Check out more on that here. Another livestream that’s happening at 3:30pm eastern time is the amazing Jan Borré performing his album Grayson, which was released back in 2019 on the wonderful Spun Out Of Control label. This is a free livestream which can be watched on either Facebook or Youtube. Pick your poison, but pick.

According to Spun Out Of Control’s Bandcamp page, Grayson is “loosely inspired by the fictional character of Amanda Grayson (mother of Spock from the long running film & TV series) ‘Grayson’ doesn’t sound cold and detached, however, but emotionally lush and warm, thanks to the deployment of a spaceship-load of synths that bubble up in the background before exploding dramatically between your speakers. This is one interstellar trip you’ll want to take!” I’m just now discovering this amazing album. It has some serious Tangerine Dream/Edgar Froese vibes, bringing a real humanity to these electronic pieces. I’ve been spinning this album the last couple of days and it’s one that can just continuously play and I am completely good with that.

Jan Borré released Things That We Should Fear back in 2020 under the name Nevergrand. It was a quick shot of soulful electronic that felt just as at home next to Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book as it did next to Radiohead’s The Bends. An exquisite mix of indie electro soul. The vocals of Steve Kashala helped to push that release to new heights.

So hopefully if you didn’t have your Friday sorted out just yet, you’ve got a better idea now. If you’re on east coast time you can catch both of these amazing events. For the Facebook feed go here. For Youtube go here. Whatever you do, just go.

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