Bright Frights, Big City

Nearly two weeks ago my wife and I made the trek to Chicago and saw our first concert together in a very long time. I was trying to remember the last live show we saw and I think it might have been Steve Vai in October of 2016. We used to go to concerts on […]

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Metavari Bring ‘Absurda’ To Life With ‘Absurda, etc’ Livestream Show On 3/26

Nate Utesch has been quietly and consistently reshaping and reinventing his long-running music project Metavari since its inception as a post-rock outfit in the mid-2000s. What began as a group of musician friends filling stages across the country with full audio/visual, mind-expanding multimedia experiences became just two friends, Nate Utesch(keys, electronics, art direction) and Ty […]

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Saturday Morning Synths

So I’m sitting in my comfy chair with a cup of dark roast at my side enjoying the glorious sounds of synthesizers on my Chromebook. It really is a perfect Saturday morning if you ask me. My oldest is home from school for a week(she’s on her spring break), we’re having a taco fiesta in […]

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