Jonathan Sharp : Niavka

Jonathan Sharp has been busy the last several years putting out next level, Gothic-tinged records as The Heartwood Institute. Hazy, dreamy, and eliciting sonic tales of witchcraft(The Witchcraft Murders) and dystopian worlds(check out the collaborative Concrete Island with HAWKSMOOR), Jonathan Sharp seems to never not be readying a new electronic delight for our ears. NIAVKA […]

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Hawksmoor : Head Coach

Musician James McKeown, better known in the heady electronic music world as Hawksmoor, has put out some of the most forward thinking and far out heavy synth albums in the last couple years. Albums like Methods Of Dreaming, On Prescription, as well as his collaboration with The Heartwood Institute Concrete Island have demonstrated McKeown’s knack […]

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Alone 1980 : Alone… Forever

Mikael Skoog, aka Alone 1980, has been quiety filling the void with sonic dread for a few years now. His imagined soundtrack world is all encompassing and locks into classic synth scores to early 80s VHS nightmares. He’s also paved his own circuital music path that began with artists like Slasher Film Festival Strategy, Ogre, […]

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Monochrome Echo : Moonkeeper Exodus

Simon Little, aka Monochrome Echo, is back with an all new chapter in his ‘Moonkeeper’ musical saga. This time he returns with Moonkeeper Exous, a continuation of the story he began on 2020s Moonkeeper. The “Europa Outpost” story continues with Little telling the tale via electronic tomes and cosmic melodies. When Simon Little isn’t playing […]

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Dressel Amorosi : DeathMetha

I’m not sure what’s happening on Dressel Amorosi’s dark and slinky DeathMetha, but I sure as hell like it. Prominent Rickenbacker bass lines, Fender Rhodes, and an array of vintage synths all come together to make the coolest, funkiest soundtrack to a movie you dreamt up on an absinth fever dream. The band is synthesist […]

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Repeated Viewing : The Family

Leave it to the maestro Alan Sinclair to elevate us all with a sickly sinister slab of synth. As Repeated Viewing, Sinclair has created a vast library of imagined scores to films that seem to have been torn from my own twisted imagination. As far as dark, heavy synth music goes Repeated Viewing raises the […]

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Hawksmoor : On Prescription

Hawksmoor, aka musical marvel James McKeown, has had one hell of a year, folks. Last year he dropped one of the best electronic albums of 2020 in Methods of Dreaming, a coming together of classic 70s Komische vibes and prog rock tendencies that seemed to show us what a collaboration between Tangerine Dream and Genesis […]

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