Metavari Bring ‘Absurda’ To Life With ‘Absurda, etc’ Livestream Show On 3/26

Nate Utesch has been quietly and consistently reshaping and reinventing his long-running music project Metavari since its inception as a post-rock outfit in the mid-2000s. What began as a group of musician friends filling stages across the country with full audio/visual, mind-expanding multimedia experiences became just two friends, Nate Utesch(keys, electronics, art direction) and Ty Brinneman(bass).

Utesch and Brinneman released the forward-thinking Moonless in 2015, with some contributions from past Metavari members. Two years later Utesch took on the task of scoring Fritz Lang’s classic Metropolis as a cinema commission project for Arthouse Theater Day in 2016, complete with a live viewing of the film and Utesch performing along to the visuals. It was a huge task to take on, but Nate Utesch seemed up to the challenge. He succeeded in both the live performance and making, at least to this writer’s ears, an all-out classic electronic album.

The re-scoring seemed a good fit for Nate, so in 2019 he released the excellent Absurda, an album of songs that were re-scores for the short films of David Lynch. If anyone could pull off re-scoring the short films of David Lynch, it would be Metavari and Nate Utesch. Absurda turned out to be both a solid fit with Lynch’ surreal visuals, as well as a major artistic achievement for Nate Utesch.

At the end of 2019 Utesch toured the US and Canada with percussionist Colin Boyd with Lynch’ films in tow and performed the rescores live to the films. But due to COVID-19 Utesch and Boyd had to shelve their remaining shows and have not played a show in over a year.

Until now.

On 3/26/21 Metavari will play a livestream show from Arts United Center at Arts Campus Fort Wayne. Tickets are $11.75/$13.75 day of show. Nate Utesch and Colin Boyd will be performing Absurda, as well as songs from Metavari’s recent discography. Here is more info from Metavari:

ABSURDA, etc. will highlight selections from both the ABSURDA record and Metavari’s recent discography. The event will broadcast Friday, March 26th at 8PM ET and be available for replay on through April 2. Following the event, BeatStream is hosting a live video Q&A with Metavari.” 

After production costs all proceeds of the ticket sales will be donated to the donor advised Family & Friends Fund for Southeast Fort Wayne. The fund has been designed to distribute power and financial resources to leaders and residents in SE Fort Wayne—closing the wealth gap in the most under-invested quadrant of the city. Learn more about the fund at

Absurda, etc is dedicated to founding Metavari member Ty Brinneman, who passed away on March 20th, 2020 after a long battle with cancer. “This performance is dedicated to the life and memory of founding member, Ty Brinneman. Ty founded this project with Nathaniel and contributed his talents and an unmatched brotherhood to everyone involved for 14 years. He is loved and missed so deeply. You will never be forgotten, Ty. “Despite distance and season” 1981-2020.”

Join Metavari on Friday, March 26th from 8pm -9:30pm for the Absurda, etc livestream event. Tickets can be purchased here. After Friday night the show can be replayed until April 2nd.

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