Darse & My Flower : Adore

I won’t pretend to know much about dance music. Techno, acid, house EDM, IDM, there’s just too much information to cram in my late 90s 256GB brain. But following record label Soundtracking The Void I’ve expanded my electronic musical palate quite significantly. For example, their newest release is Darse & My Flower’s Adore. This is a full-on techno dance floor banger of the highest order. It’s music you get completely lost in as the lights dim and your body is enveloped in the bass, synths, and lack of inhibition. You either give in to the sweat and pulsing tones or you don’t. I’m going to, so you might as well.

I don’t have much(or any) info on Darse & My Flower, but when it comes to locking into the music personal stats aren’t really necessary. Adore is 6  tracks of pure dance floor escapism. Four on the floor beats, hypnotic synth melodies, and visceral vibes that let you lose yourself over the course of nearly 40 minutes. When you want to just unplug from the insanity that is transpiring all around you, Adore is the perfect escape from it all.

While listening to tracks like “Adore”, or “Kontakt 1”, “Kontakt 2”, and “Kontakt 3” I’m imagining strobe lights, sweat, and heat permeating from bodies on a seedy dance floor. Of course, I’d be the guy on the second floor of the club looking down and wondering how I became such a square but that’s for another story. These tracks pull you into this world flawlessly and allow for some much needed escapism.

Elsewhere “Nebe” pulsates like a thousand hearts beating at once. There’s depth here and an overwhelming feeling of aural permeation. It’s like an ever expanding rave that seems to stretch out into the horizon and beyond. “Outside” continues the beat and weight of “Nebe”, but with an almost claustrophobic intensity. I’m reminded of summer walks with a heat index of 99 degrees. It’s the kind of heat you feel sit on your shoulders and chest like weights. That’s the feeling I get listening to this track. It’s dense, repetitive, and hypnotic.

Darse & My Flower’s Adore is a 40 minute workout of the body and the psyche. Pounding rhythms, hazy synth melodies, and a vast soundscape of bpm escapism.

7.5 out of 10

‘Adore’ is available now via Soundtracking The Void. Buy it here

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