Premiere : Watch Mines Falls’ Darkly Surreal Video For “From Behind Glass”

2020 took its toll on so many, both from those that suffered from Covid-19 to the family members that watched their loved ones deal with it(and in many cases lose that fight alone in a hospital bed.) Besides the actual virus itself, there was an overwhelming paranoia and dread we all dealt with, in-particular those of us that took it seriously, quarantined, locked down, and wore masks when in public. Besides the precautions we wondered if that nice old lady at Whole Foods coughing incessantly, or the 20-something couple walking down the aisle mask-free was going to be our ultimate undoing. With all of our precautions and hand sanitizing and online grocery pick-ups, we’d still get taken out by a stranger in passing.

I believe 2020 took its toll on L.A.-based brothers Carson and Erik Lund, aka Mines Falls. The two released their self-titled LP(their second) back in 2020. A mix of dark electronics and engaging singer-songwriter fare that brings to mind Kid A-era Radiohead, Alt-J, and just darkly ethereal pop that intermingles organic and synthetic elements flawlessly. They are now dropping a video for their single “From Behind Glass” which we covered way back in September.

The video, directed by Erik and Carson, encapsulates the paranoia and surreal nature of the past year into a solid and beautifully shot fever dream of a video. Floating meat, balloons, cake to the face, and strange lights emanating from the sky all come together perfectly.

Here’s what Mines Falls has to say about the video:

“Everyone’s feeling a bit of cabin fever right now. Our video for “From Behind Glass” offers a surreal portrait of what that isolation feels like, where the everyday environment you’ve become so accustomed to starts to tweak out in vaguely menacing ways. It seems a common denominator in many people’s experience is to blame our shared situation on outside forces…something alien. – Carson and Erik Lund “

Watch the video for “From Behind Glass” below. You can grab Mines Falls album here.

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