Bluetech : Underwater Cities

Bluetech works in the warm and inviting world of analog and modular synth music, going for more dance floor and techno vibes. The lush world that fills his albums feels like a sonic cleanser from the world outside; a circuital bath meant to wash away the negative static we encounter on a daily basis.

On Bluetech’s latest, the short-but-sweet Underwater Cities, we take a deep dive into vast underwater worlds for some techno uplift and bubbly modular rehabilitation. Its five tracks take us to a rave under the sea and invite us to get lost for a bit.

Evan Bluetech is the label head for Behind The Sky Music. His mission is to fill our brains with next-level, forward-thinking electronic music from the best making it. Deep space komische, Berlin School headiness, and Krautrock of the finest order. With Bluetech he keeps those vibes intact, but translates it into music that moves. Bluetech wants us to get lost in the beat and the rhythm at any cost.

According to Bluetech, Underwater Cities was “meant as a palette cleanser after the complex concepts of 2020s multi-genre Holotrope, Underwater Cities represents a left turn to splash around in the analog bubblebath and enjoy a little cheek before getting back to “serious” music.   Graced with the signature Bluetech attention to detail and focus on melody, this release encourages a little body wobble and psychic tickle to get you through your lockdown blues.”

Five songs plus a remix, that’s what you get on this electro ride. “Submerge” is a full-body buzz, a sonic magic carpet ride into the depths of analog goodness. “Underwater Cities” sounds like The Man-Machine-era Kraftwerk complete with vocoder and a utilitarian but effective electro beat. “Lights from Mariana” goes as deep as the song’s namesake. Lush electronics, subtle techno, and a touch of that Detroit swing just underneath the surface, this is the kind of track you lock into and then just let go.

“Emerald Prisms” is all heady electronics and sneaky grooves, while album closer “Surface Radiance” bubbles and simmers with circuital delight. It has the effect of rising to the surface after a short but significant journey.

If you’re looking for a reprieve from what reality has to offer, sink to the bottom for a bit with Bluetech’s gorgeous and effervescent Underwater Cities.

7.5 out of 10

Bluetech’s ‘Underwater Cities’ is available now via Behind The Sky Music. Buy it here

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