Bluetech : Underwater Cities

Bluetech works in the warm and inviting world of analog and modular synth music, going for more dance floor and techno vibes. The lush world that fills his albums feels like a sonic cleanser from the world outside; a circuital bath meant to wash away the negative static we encounter on a daily basis. On […]

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Portals is Coming

Once in a while something comes along and really gets my brain popping. The synapses spark, the pistons chug, and the mind gets to fully engaged mode. This new release coming from Behind The Sky Music in June is my current obsession, and I can’t wait to fully engulf myself in it. Portals: A Komische […]

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Stenzel’s Dune

So I’m sitting in my recliner in my pajamas feeling a few steps above chopped liver and I’m listening to the soundtrack Jodorowsky’s Dune by Kurt Stenzel. How did I get to this record? What possessed me to order such a thing? Well first let me go down some Nyquil and I’ll explain. Be right […]

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MG is actually Martin Gore. Martin Gore is actually that guy that pretty much makes Depeche Mode Depeche Mode. Songwriter, guitarist, keys, angelic backing vocals…that’s Martin Gore. MG is what he’s going by this time around on a new solo LP. This solo LP is all instrumental and filled with analog synth buzzes and whizzes. […]

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