MAINE’s ‘IV’ Gets Gorgeous Vinyl Reissue With Midnight Mannequin Records

My first experience with MAINE, the all-analog electronic music project of France’s Michel Dupay, was with 2017s V. There was something haunting, enchanting, and all-encompassing about the songs on that record. Dupay records with all analog synths, real drums, and real strings and without the use of MIDI, so the songs sound and feel organic […]

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My Airwaves

For the first decade of my existence I pretty much lived in a dead zone. My dad was too cheap to get cable, so we relied on a 40′ antenna tower for our television needs. I didn’t really miss cable till I got a little older and things like USA Up All Night, movies with […]

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zake and Ossa : Syntheticopia

Maybe it’s just me and my own overactive imagination, but when I’m deep in it with some heady ambient and new age music I often imagine floating in space. The deep and healing tones of heavily-effected guitar, the warm buzz of analog synths, the wash of digital pads like static rain, and just the overwhelming […]

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Stoned On Ideas…

Creativity comes in phases for me anymore. It used to be that I was always in some kind of creative groove, and working on music was that one constant groove. I didn’t start writing regularly on this site till 2011/2012, so before that my creative side was pretty much making music in my basement. And […]

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Tangerine Dream : Raum

Tangerine Dream has evolved into something far more than just a band. From their beginnings in the late 60s as a German experimental electronic band to their meditative album side excursions in the 70s to the go-to soundtrack creators of the 80s, Tangerine Dream has seen evolution after evolution of sound, style, and mood. The […]

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Lisa Bella Donna : Moogmentum

The newest release from synth pioneer Lisa Bella Donna sees her paying tribute to another pioneer, Bob Moog. Lisa Bella Donna pays tribute by making an album of exquisite sonic tastes; a record created with the Moog at the heart of it. Moogmentum is a sonic journey that only requires an open mind and open […]

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Bluetech : Underwater Cities

Bluetech works in the warm and inviting world of analog and modular synth music, going for more dance floor and techno vibes. The lush world that fills his albums feels like a sonic cleanser from the world outside; a circuital bath meant to wash away the negative static we encounter on a daily basis. On […]

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