Kurt Vile : (watch my moves)

Kurt Vile runs on his own frequency. He blends rock, folk, and country into something quite unique and very much his own. Jangle one minute and rocking and psychedelic the next, Vile takes Prine, Petty, and Young and blends them all together with a touch of early 90s Dinosaur Jr and Pavement. Over nine albums […]

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Namen Namen : Namen Namen EP

Every once in a while a local band sends an album my way and I get the feeling they won’t be a local band for long. Fort Wayne has seen its share of amazing artists; Orange Opera, Vandolah, Thunderhawk, B-Sharps, and Heaven’s Gateway Drugs to name a few. Four-piece Namen Namen can now be added […]

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Band of Horses : Things Are Great

Ben Bridwell and Band of Horses came out of the gate running. The Seattle-based indie rock band got college-age and the thirtysomething demographic swooning with their first two albums, Everything All the Time and Cease To Begin. With Bridwell’s engaging lyrics and vulnerable vocal delivery, along with catchy melodies, melancholy jangle, and shimmering guitars Band […]

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Spoon : Lucifer On The Sofa

I think it’s fair to say that Spoon have been one of the most reliable American rock bands in the last 20 years. While they released two great post-punk albums in the late 90s, their career in my mind truly began in 2001 with Girls Can Tell. From that point the Texas rock band started […]

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Sparkle Teeth : Sparkle Teeth EP

On Dan Kinnaley’s debut EP as Sparkle Teeth, he locks into this sonically-rich musical world where early 90s fuzz intermingles with shoegaze pop and post-hardcore grit. In other words, if you grew up on bands like Polvo, Dino Jr, Lush, and find those vibes in modern bands like Protomartyr, Cloakroom, and Whirr, then Sparkle Teeth […]

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Dehd : Flowers of Devotion

Dehd’s Flowers of Devotion is filled with anthems big and bold. Reverberating guitars, pop harmonies, and the fire of punk rock runs throughout the Chicago three-pieces newest LP. The band, which includes singer-bassist Emily Kempf, singer-guitarist Jason Balla, and drummer Eric McGrady, reach deep into the universal hum of love and life to give us […]

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Bradford Trojan : Meanwhile

Bradford Trojan makes the kind of music that feels both sun-kissed and world-weary. Weather worn pop songs that fall into the category of DIY, but not lo-fi. His tunes are like finding a cassette underneath your car seat that’s been there years, maybe even decades. Unmarked you put it in the deck and find this […]

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