Get Lost In Ju4N’s Beautiful “Loops For MIDI Pt. 1”

Holodeck Records has put some excitement back into the lives of the music hungry. Something for us to look forward to on Fridays once again. For the past few weeks Holodeck Records has been dropping digital singles from some of the most forward-thinking electronic artists working today. This Friday is no different. Austin-based electronic composer JU4N has dropped the gorgeously sublime “Loops For MIDI Pt. 1” as part of Holodeck’s new digital single series(and something that would automatically be yours if you join their music subscription.)

In contrast to earlier, noisier tracks released by Holodeck in recent weeks, “Loops” feels very much like a digitized version of baroque chamber music. As if a super computer attempted to create its own version of a Chopin, Debussy, or Dvořák piece, the 8 minute track feels very much like a modern lullaby. It builds slowly on top of a piano, carefully layering various electronics that create an almost meditative feeling. Synth strings, bells, and an air of calm carry you into an ethereal world where for 8 minutes the world isn’t crumbling into a existential abyss right outside your window.

I’m new to the musical world of JU4N(aka Juan Cisneros), but with “Loops For MIDI Pt. 1” I’ve gone back and visited his earlier album Vaporware and know this is an artist that I will happily follow from here on out. JU4N makes sonic worlds that are very comforting and inviting. His work is the musical equivalent of a sensory deprivation tank, a spot in the madness where for a short amount of time we can melt quietly and peacefully into the ether. It may only be a temporary reprieve, but it’s a reprieve nonetheless.

“Loops For MIDI Pt. 1” is available now. Download the digital single over at Holodeck Records’ Bandcamp page. And join Holodeck Records’ subscription service and get all of their new singles as soon as they’re available. Only $8 a month(or more.) 

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