Camp Of Wolves : Granite Creek

The new album from David Salisbury’s electronic project Camp Of Wolves is heavy, man. Not in a d-tuned guitar and screamo vocals heavy, but the kind of heavy that hits you when you least expect it driving to work, or staring out at the sea. A monolithic melancholy that touches your cheek when some great […]

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Ross McHenry : Nothing Remains Unchanged

There’s an unwavering complexity and intellectual depth to the new long player by Ross McHenry. The accomplished Australian jazz bassist, composer, producer, and bandleader has been making truly forward-thinking music in the jazz, electronic, and chamber music realm for a few years now. Each record sees McHenry reaching and expanding his music and sonic palate […]

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Steve Reich : Pulse/Quartet

Steve Reich is the kind of musical figure that lives within several different worlds. He began in tape experimentations, looping, and sound phasing while making social and political statements in the mid-60s. His piece “Come Out” is a dizzying and hallucinogenic piece of sound manipulation that also served as a voice for the civil rights […]

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Melody For A Dead Computer

I remember my first computer. It was a Little Professor calculator. It wasn’t your typical calculator, mind you. You see, instead of punching in a math problem and the happy Professor providing you with the answer, the Professor would provide a math problem and you would have to provide the answer. Kind of backwards, but […]

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Persian Dervish Salad Surgery

Every year that we have a family vacation down in Brown County and get back with nature(in an air-conditioned cabin with game room and hot tub) I always try to bring one or two records back from our stay. On one of the days we head 25 minutes west to Bloomington where I put my […]

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Forest Walker : UV Sea

Occasionally I’ll come across an album that stops the world around me when I listen to it. The music committed to that record holds a type of special magic that can’t really be explained or dissected, as any attempt pales in comparison to the art itself. What some hear as “noise”, I hear as the […]

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