Get Dark With Llora’s “Bad Behavior”

Photos by Vera Velma

There’s something sinister yet alluring about the music of LLORA. I imagine some early 80s dance club in Lower Manhatten as I listen to their pulsating track “Bad Behavior”. The wobbly synth that opens the track leads us into a tight electro 80s groove. We’re greeted by come hither vocals that are part Gary Numan and part Dave Gahan. There’s a mysterious quality to the vocals here, coming off as wanton yet confident.  There’s bits of New Order, early OMD, and even Gary Numan in this beautifully constructed dark wave track, with a classic Depeche Mode vibe in the chorus.

LLORA is the solo project of Dallas-based synth-pop vocalist/producer Llandon Broadhead. Broadhead works out the dark impulses and late night club mingling when working as LLORA. On previous singles “Omen”(2019) and “Tired”(2017) there was more of a slow motion vibe; woozy synths and an Ariel Pink-meets-Neon Indian sound. With their new single and debut release with Holodeck Records, Broadhead takes LLORA into more sinister and dangerous territory.

LLORA’S “Bad Behavior” is out now via Holodeck Records. Don’t let the virus win and head over to Holodeck’s Bandcamp page and download it now.

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