Treebones : Midnight Radio

As a kid I remember on Friday nights I’d stay up late and turn the radio dial to 95.3 out of Niles, MI. It never came in any other time of the week, but for some reason the skies cleared and the analog ghosts blessed the air waves on Friday nights. I’d listen to Metal […]

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Vlimmer : XIII/XIIII

Vlimmer is the name Alexander Leonard Donat goes by when making his own brand of darkwave, dreampunk, and Gothic pop music. He works among dark shades and paints worlds with scattered doom and gloom, with the occasional flash of light. Donat’s voice is a darkly melodic baritone. A voice that demands your attention, while never […]

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Drab Majesty : Modern Mirror

Drab Majesty creates in light and dark. There’s the Gothic chill of Pornography-era Cure and the synth pop lift of early OMD, Talk Talk, and Animotion. Deb Demure started Drab Majesty while still drumming for Los Angeles experimental rock band Marriages. Donning white make-up and a white wig Demure hides all traces of some bloke […]

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Samantha Glass : Nine Memories Between Impression & Imprint

Samantha Glass’ newest long player, the darkly hypnotic and hallucinogenic Nine Memories Between Impression & Imprint, feels like a post-punk exorcism bathed in shadows and bitter truths. The record works its way into your brain by building songs from icy synths, electronic percussion, and Lynch-ian expressionism strewn throughout the album’s 8 songs and 40-minute run time. […]

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R. Missing : Unsummering

There’s both a quiet cool and a dark tension that permeates R. Missing’s EP Unsummering. Even in their promotional material it says “You won’t find love songs here. You’ll find unloved songs. You won’t find summer, you’ll find Unsummering.” Now if that’s not enough to convince you of something dark and mysterious what will? Maybe […]

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