Electric Youth : Memory Emotion

Like many, my first exposure to the Canadian synth pop duo Electric Youth was Nicolas Winding Refn’s dark noir film Drive. Besides the film being instrumental in showing the world just what Refn had up his cinematic sleeve(as well as how well Ryan Gosling could act by saying as little as possible), the soundtrack itself […]

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The Adventures of Turbo Kid

So last Friday night I watched one of the best low budget sci fi epics I’ve seen in a very long time. I think had I seen this movie when I was 10 years old I’d probably still look at it as a classic now. As it stands, this movie didn’t exist when I was […]

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Miracle :: Mecury

Miracle’s Mercury is a loving homage to early 80s synth pop, much like Quentin Tarantino’s loving film homages to 70s exploitation films and the entire career of Sam Peckinpah. Like Tarantino, Steve Moore and singer Daniel O’Sullivan have created a debut album that’s steeped in inspiration, all the while never blatantly aping that inspiration. Unlike […]

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Diana-Perpetual Surrender

Diana are a Canadian synth pop band comprised of members of other Canadian bands, though not all are synth pop. That is inconsequential for you to truly enjoy their debut Perpetual Surrender. What is consequential is that you love synth pop, or at the very least occasionally get the itch to listen to Thompson Twins, […]

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