Andy Fosberry : 13

UK electronic label Soundtracking The Void is back again with a new release for 2020. This time its from UK media composer Andy Fosberry. Fosberry runs Fully Composed Studio, a studio where Fosberry creates music for film, TV, commercials, and pretty much anything that sight and sound come together in an organic, natural way. Soundtracking The Void feels like a perfect spot for Fosberry to lay down something wholly original, with no preconceptions of narrative or idea. 13 is a two-track EP that glides along the thru line between techno/dance floor intentions, and the moodier, intellectual side of electronic music. My only complaint here is that I’m left wanting more when the pulsating 13 minutes is up.

The 13 refers to the length of the EP. Each track clocks in at 6:30, giving us 13 minutes of electro bliss to get lost in. First track “Picking Up The Wreckage” clicks and clacks along like some lost extravagant 80s club track. There’s an organic quality to Fosberry’s production here, giving the synthetic a living, breathing heart. This opening piece puts one in mind of the early to mid 80s when bands like New Order, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, and Erasure were spotting the top 40 nearly every week. When songs could be catchy ear candy but also created with real musicians, pulling from an intellectual well of ideas and scope.

The other half of our 13-minute journey is “I Eat Gamma Rays”, a dark and foreboding piece of electronica. A percussive track at its heart with minimalistic synth drones giving the vibe of some dystopian underground club. This is a decidedly different trip than the first one we experienced, and it shows the reach and depth in Andy Fossberry’s sonic bag of tricks.

Soundtracking The Void continues their roll of impressive, forward-thinking artists and their bite-size releases. Andy Fosberry’s 13 pulsates and sways like a late night dance floor excursion, complete with the dark, lonely walk home after the doors close behind you.

13 is available now digitally via Soundtracking The Void.

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