Dave Lombardo : Rites Of Percussion

Dave Lombardo is arguably one of the great living rock drummers. As a founding member of thrash legends Slayer, Lombardo took heavy metal drumming and combined it with hardcore punk speed to create a style that was jaw-dropping fast but could also lock into grooves when needed. Lombardo’s drumming was the key ingredient in making […]

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Mac Demarco : Five Easy Hot Dogs

Mac Demarco has always made music that lingers in weird spaces. Touches of 70s soft rock, lo fi indie, and passing glances over into outsider art. Demarco writes songs that are strangely upbeat while also feeling a little seedy; like having a conversation with a stranger that starts out seemingly benign but gradually gets uncomfortable. […]

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Joe Satriani : The Elephants Of Mars

Guitar wizard Joe Satriani has had a long and accomplished career over the last nearly 40 years redefining what a guitarist can do. His prophetic skills and melody-driven instrumentals made albums like Surfing With The Alien, Flying In A Blue Dream, The Extremist, and Strange Beautiful Music essential listening for any budding guitar slinger. I […]

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Luis Vasquez : A Body Of Errors

Luis Vasquez uses art to express his creativity, but also his internal world. With his long-running project The Soft Moon, Vasquez uses post-punk angst and darkwave doom and gloom to paint us jagged visions of the human experience. If that sounds like a drag, it’s not. Musically Vasquez builds pulsating soundscapes, pop industrial rhythms with […]

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Andy Fosberry : 13

UK electronic label Soundtracking The Void is back again with a new release for 2020. This time its from UK media composer Andy Fosberry. Fosberry runs Fully Composed Studio, a studio where Fosberry creates music for film, TV, commercials, and pretty much anything that sight and sound come together in an organic, natural way. Soundtracking […]

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Folke Nikanor : Bottenviken

I grew up with a sense of Sweden being the place where Ingmar Bergman and Max Von Sydow came from. And from that I always pictured grey skies, existential dread, oppressive bodies of water and the pondering of why we’re all here. That’s where my brain went when I thought of Stockholm, Uppsala, and Gothenburg. […]

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