New Year, New Steve Greene; Listen To “Subliminal Dark Waves”

If there’s one thing we can always count on going into a new year it’s that synth wizard Steve Greene will drop some amazing new tunes. Not even a week into 2020 and Mr. Greene has bestowed upon us the dark and foreboding “Subliminal Dark Waves”. Rejoice!

Recorded back on October 15th and 16th of 2019 at Greene’s studio Battle Chamber located in Detroit, the song locks into the horror vibes and dystopian dread. Opening with a dance floor techno pulse but quickly locking into a sickly groove, the song brings to mind the best of Carpenter, Frizzi, and those lost but not forgotten musical worlds of early 80s horror. The kind of stuff you’d hear on old Vestron and Thorn EMI tape rentals.

Steve Greene is a master of mood, and using just a Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, Alesis Micron & Moog MiniTaur he builds an electronic symphony of dread in the course of this 3 1/2 minute song. Greene continues to build upon what he started with his debut solo LP Electronic Dreams for a Holographic Existence, as well as his work in Voyag3r. “Subliminal Dark Waves” is another moody slice of heavy synth to get the new year off to a great start.

Listen to “Subliminal Dark Waves” below.

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