Mnemonic Pulse : Warning Sense

The latest to drop from SFI Recordings is the cosmic and expansive Warning Sense by Mnemonic Pulse. Over the course of four slow-building heavy synth tracks you get tension and release; early 80s Tangerine Dream(think Exit) combines with ambient-heavy early 80s synth scores. Portland, Oregon’s Caitlin Love, aka Mnemonic Pulse, has been releasing heady and […]

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Long Story Short : Video Age, Sermons By The Devil, Andy Fosberry, and Pharagonesia

Here’s another ‘Long Story Short’ post. This is where I compress a handful of reviews into one post. Why? Well because there’s too much good music and not enough clones of myself to write expansive reviews for each release. So I’m dropping a paragraph each about some albums I think you should put in your […]

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Alone 1980 : Vol. 1-3

Alone 1980 captures a certain kind of horror claustrophobia in their music. The Sweden-based imagined soundtrack provocateur builds sonic nightmares with vintage equipment, retro vibes, and a sense that you’ve stepped into some long lost video nasty on late night cable TV in the early 80s. Though the music varies from sweat-inducing panic to almost […]

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Alone 1980 : Night Lights

The latest from Sweden’s Alone 1980 isn’t short on dread and Gothic doom. It seems to dig into the macabre and things that go bump in the night in a visceral and melancholy way. Given what we saw in the US just last week in the nation’s capital, I think this is the soundtrack we […]

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Song Premiere : Listen To Ogre’s “Winding Stairways”; ‘Gates of Nessus’ Out 9/4

On the heels of Dream Division’s The Devil Rides Out, Tom McDowell’s new record label Library of the Occult returns with its second album release. This time it’s Gates of Nessus, the new long player from UK producer/composer/sound designer and electronic music legend Robin Ogden, aka Ogre. As per typical Ogre fashion, it’s top shelf […]

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Steve Moore : Frame Dragging

You can pretty much count on Steve Moore to release amazing music on a consistent basis; whether he’s scoring films, releasing solo work, dropping mind melters with AE Paterra in Zombi, dabbling in dance pop with Miracle, or even giving us something as out there as the groovy Lovelock. Steve Moore is always working on […]

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Portals is Coming

Once in a while something comes along and really gets my brain popping. The synapses spark, the pistons chug, and the mind gets to fully engaged mode. This new release coming from Behind The Sky Music in June is my current obsession, and I can’t wait to fully engulf myself in it. Portals: A Komische […]

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