Bat For Lashes : Lost Girls

Natasha Khan, aka Bat For Lashes, has never been afraid to explore musically. Always working within pop sensibilities, her music is as engaging and urgent as pop music can get. On her latest, the synth pop-inflected Lost Girls, she builds beautifully ornamented pop songs that are as addictive as they are eccentric.

Opening track “Lost In The Dark” is a slow motion, lush pop ballad. Carrying with it a melody that strangely enough is reminiscent of an 80s Rush song(“Manhatten Project”), it’s a perfect way to open one of the lightest and airy Bat For Lashes albums yet. “The Hunger” is reminiscent of later era-Lower Dens and Canadian synth pop artist Diana. Of course, Khan’s vocals cannot be duplicated and they carry the song to existential highs. “Feel For You” is more visceral, bringing to mind The Knife in the propulsive rhythm. “Jasmine” brings the 80s vibes, with an almost T’pau feel in the spoken word verse parts.

Throughout Lost Girls Natasha Khan touches on many different vibes. “Vampires” has a mid-80s Cure feel, complete with a slow motion sax solo thrown in. “So Good” is an upbeat electro pop track, with a touch of Roxette in the hook. “Safe Tonight” is just a gorgeous ballad, showcasing Khan’s amazing voice. “Mountains” closes the album and stops us dead in our tracks. This is truly some of the best work Bat For Lashes has done. Top production and songwriting. Simply stunning.

Lost Girls continues the ascension of Natasha Khan. She has proven over the years her willingness to go wherever the muse takes her. She follows every whim and never says no to whatever road she finds herself traveling. From Bat For Lashes beginnings with Fur and Gold in 2006 to Lost Girls, Khan’s music scope widened each time out. Lost Girls is a great pop record that is always willing to expand what we know pop music to be.

7.5 out of 10

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