Bricolage Celebrate Label Anniversary with Glasgow Exclusive Compilation

Glasgow-based record label Bricolage are truly a unique electronic record label. Covering the gamut from trip hop to techno to drone to heavy synth to cinematic synthwave, Bricolage have opened the doors to artists working at the top of their creative game. The label showcases innovators of electronic music, and ones you may have not heard yet.

On August 31st Bricolage celebrated their 4th anniversary as a record label by releasing a compilation dedicated to the sound of Glasgow. A compilation titled 0141(bc048) was released showcasing Glasgow-based artists. This is the sound of Glasgow, as heard through the ears of Bricolage. This may not be what you think of when you think of Glasgow, and that’s why Bricolage has offered up this tasty aural sampler platter in honor of both the anniversary and of the city they call home.

Besides celebrating four years as a label and the electronic side of Glasgow, all the proceeds(aka paid downloads), will go to the ICU nursing staff at the Golden Jubilee Hospital. Great tunes, great label, and a great cause.

So what about the music? Some highlights are Thousand Wolves’ “Polygone or Primitive”, a euphoric slice of Boards of Canada meets Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Broken Form’s “Lay Still Beneath The Pylons” with its ambient drones that seem to seep from the universe itself, Esef’s “Viral” is all low key techno groove, while Dreamland Fantasy’s “As The Rain Comes Down” percolates with light and life as Washed Up and Tycho vibes permeate under the surface.

Honestly, there isn’t a blemish on this one. From start to finish, Glasgow is represented at the highest of levels. Bricolage have given us a vibrant and engaging peek into the electronic world of Glasgow, Scotland with 0141(bc048). Head over to Bricolage’s Bandcamp page and download this compilation. Put some groove in your day, and put some green in the hands of a worthy cause.


4 thoughts on “Bricolage Celebrate Label Anniversary with Glasgow Exclusive Compilation

    1. Congratulations to the lad. Does he have any idea what he’ like to major in? My oldest started her second year at Depauw University just a few weeks ago. She knows she wants to do something in Literature, but no major declared yet.


      1. It works a bit differently here, you apply for a set course. Music and English Lit, with 2 years of French too.

        I’m excited for him but I fear my heart will break.

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