Urgula : Frequency Wars

Techno music has a certain freedom to it that allows the music to zone out, expand, and elaborate on a single rhythm for as long as it needs. It works some kind of sonic voodoo on the listener, putting us in a state of suspended animation. I’ve grown to appreciate the genre over the years, […]

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Belial Pelegrim : Imitation Of Faith

As Imitation Of Faith, the new album by producer Belial Pelegrim opens, you’re treated to a bevy of sonic delights. The track “Scorpia” seems to have it all; from the click-clack rhythm to video game noises, liquid-y synths, and a microcosm of electronic buzzes and blips, it feels like you’ve stepped into some other realm. […]

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Bricolage Celebrate Label Anniversary with Glasgow Exclusive Compilation

Glasgow-based record label Bricolage are truly a unique electronic record label. Covering the gamut from trip hop to techno to drone to heavy synth to cinematic synthwave, Bricolage have opened the doors to artists working at the top of their creative game. The label showcases innovators of electronic music, and ones you may have not […]

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Dark Fidelity Hi Fi : Found

Dark Fidelity Hi Fi’s new album Found is full of dreamy ambient textures put to rhythmic pulses and subtle, glitchy beats. Manchester-based producer Rick Jones proves himself adept at building walls of sonic atmosphere. With elements of trip hop, IDM, ambient, and dub coming together into one enigmatic sound, Dark Fidelity Hi Fi’s Found is […]

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Fragile X : The Butterfly Effect

Fragile X’s The Butterfly Effect is a stunning, visceral electronic album that hits you in all the right ways. Hard electro, IDM, and all the sci fi buzzing headiness you can handle in the course of six exquisitely produced tracks. Glasgow-based record label Bricolage’s latest release is a stunning overwhelming of the senses. According to […]

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