Daniel Davies : Soeurs De Glisse Soundtrack

Daniel Davies is not one to sit on his laurels. He could, as he’s earned a bit of looking back and admiring what he’s done in just the last couple of years. He’s released a bevy of amazing records with John and Cody Carpenter(Lost Themes, Lost Themes 2, Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1988), not to mention the score for David Gordon Green’s Halloween from last year. Oh, and his exquisite solo debut album, the synth-heavy Events Score from last year as well. There’s also all the work he did with Year Long Disaster, Karma to Burn, and CKY, too. Davies is a musician that is constantly in a creative flow, so taking a breather to give himself a pat on the back is never going to be on the schedule.

Case in point: Soeurs De Glisse. 

Soeurs De Glisse is a Belgian documentary about two sisters skiing in the winter Paralympic Games in South Korea. Here’s the synopsis:

Two sisters from Court-Saint-Etienne (Belgium) are getting ready for the Winter Paralympic Games in South Korea. The two skiers create a unique duo: Eleonor, visually-impaired, only has the voice of her older sister to guide her down the slopes. After four years of intense training and sacrifices, they bring home the first Belgian female medal during the Winter Games – An achievement with consequences on the duo and their respective lives.

For Daniel Davies’ next project he took on the task of scoring this inspiring and heartfelt documentary. The results are an engrossing and piano/synth-driven album that evokes both the monumental and awe-inspiring landscapes of South Korea, as well as the emotional turmoil and personal struggles these sisters faced. Davies steps up to the task to deliver a sweeping score that helps to build the film up. The album also acts as an amazing ambient record that stands on its own.

Daniel Davies mixes and matches his strengths for this score, evoking both the symphonic and the synthetic. He builds moments of absolute grandeur on pieces like the full-hearted “Sisters”, while building serene and glacial ambient works like “Chloe” to elicit both the physical and existential struggles these sisters faced on their journey to the peaks. “Austria” is a hopeful piece built on piano chords and synth strings that builds into a momentous crescendo. It’s gorgeous and works to hone in the drama that real life can create.

Davies’ work here evokes the scores of Vangelis, building up these dramatic moments with visceral sonic elements. There’s both the synthetic and the organic working together to paint a rich sonic tapestry. There’s no settling into comfortable and familiar patterns here for Daniel Davies. He has pushed himself into new territory.

Soeurs De Glisse is an inspiring true story that requires an equally inspired score to accompany it. Daniel Davies does not disappoint.

Soeurs De Glisse is available now via Burning Witches Records. Buy it here.

8.1 out of 10




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