Daniel Davies : Signals

For his first solo album with Sacred Bones Records, Daniel Davies was inspired by the mixed media artist Jesse Draxler. Davies creates music that feels visual and expansive, much like taking inspiration from film to create movie scores. His album Events Score from 2018 did feel very cinematic, but more compact and personal. With Draxler’s […]

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“The Shape Returns”

John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies have unleashed the first piece from their soundtrack to David Gordon Green’s Halloween and it’s an eerie reminder of what made Carpenter’s original so chilling, seductive, and the iconic piece it has become. The track, aptly titled “The Shape Returns”, sounds like a microcosm of all the various […]

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Daniel Davies : Events Score

If musician and composer Daniel Davies hadn’t ended up down the career path he had, it would have been shocking and a loss for us all. Given that Davies’ father is one half of the brothers Davies(the younger half Dave) of The Kinks fame and his Godfather is the Master of Horror himself John Carpenter, […]

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